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Privacy Policy

Your personal data

Your security is very important for us. 

Your personal data is confidential and protected. Your personal information will not be transferred to the third party/organization by no means for their marketing purposes.

The data may be transferred to the law-enforcing organs and court only in case of existence of the appropriate base by the legislation of Georgia. Inspector of personal defense will be notified about it. 

When we can use your personal data?

You may be able to get different newsletters, offers or discounts from our site via the e-mail or SMS. In order to improve our service it is possible we to contact you for the different marketing investigations. If you do not wish to get similar information from our site you can skip the field “subscribe the newsletter” or mark the “remove subscription” after the registration.

The site and your personal data

You do not need to provide any information for looking through our site. However there are some services (e.g. add to favorites, purchase the products), which cannot be accessed by you without the sharing of your personal information (e.g. first name, last name, email address, password, phone number, shipping address, etc.). We can get this information both from registered and unregistered customers in order to improve our site and online services.

The following information also may be collected and sorted by our advertising service: your IP address, URL you entered, type of browser, country and phone code, websites you have seen, advertisement you have clicked and etc.

We use your information only for the following purposes:
- To process your order
- For Statistical purposes – to improve our site and the services we offer
- To provide you with website content and advertisements
- To administer this website.
- If you consent, to notify you of products or special offers that may be of interest to you.