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Terms and Conditions
1. Use the site:

Everyone can visit and see the site. In order to purchase you need to register on the Site. By registration you're automatically agree to the terms and conditions of site.

2. Definition of terms

The site is property of Ltd Omega2 -- hereafter, company, we, our

The person who is registered on the site -- hereafter User, customer, you

3. Changes in terms and conditions of site:

We may make some changes in terms and conditions from time to time, about which you will be informed with your email address.

4. Registration

Everyone can register, however some products placed on the site (alcoholic drinks, tobacco) are accessible only for the persons who have reached the age of 18.

Be sure that personal data and address you entered during the registration are correct.

Any changes in your account/personal information (e.g. phone number, address, email and etc.) you have to update in time.

5. Password and security

During the registration creating the password will be required. Password should be confidential and will not be sent to the third party.

All activities on the site will be carried out under the responsibility of your account. If you find that your password is known for the third party, please change it immediately from your account.

If will have a reason to consider that there is a possibility of a security breach or a site abuse, we can request a change of the password or temporarily lock up your account.